Gains from the Ikogosi Fitness/Cycling Camp


Outdoorstour Ikogosi Cycling anf Fitness camp
OutdoorsTour Cycling Camp

Camp covers

Transport to fro Ikogosi Warm Sprin Resort
Double room with breakfast
6 days of fitness, nutrition, cycling and LifeStyle Coaching

What you get

Functional Fitness Analysis on arrival
Your basic data is recorded
A program for the week
Nutrition plan for the week

During the Week
Coaching on your preferred workouts

On the road coaching for Cycling and Running
Post Ride and Run Evaluation

Post workout evaluation
Nutrition effect evaluation

Program change to accommodate each days activities performance as feed forward into next day program

At end of program
Fitness test
Program for continuing on your own


* Weight loss
* Lean muscle buildup
* Functional movement improvement
* Understanding exercise basics
* Technical Running Information and Skills
* Technical Hill Climbing Information and Skills
* Better Running Times
* Improved PR for runners, cyclist and workouts