How do I book a tour?
Book your tour online at, there is a booking form at the right of the page if on a desktop.
On mobile, scroll down to the booking form.
Provide information requested, select tour destination and type and proceed to payment.
Pay online and you will receive a receipt and additional tour information.
For individuals, booking is straightforward, select the number of adults  and type of tour and we assign a room at the base hotel to each adult booked. Each adult also get a seat assigned on the tour bus and to/fro bus.
When booking a group, it is better to use the group booking option
Are your tours children friendly?
Being an adventure tour and taking place in areas of great beauty and natural grandeur, we encourage families to come along with their kids and young relations. All children have to be accompanied by an adult on our tours though. We have selected activities for children at all destinations to engage and stimulate them.
Are the tours physically demanding ?
Some activities are physically demanding and are optional, like climbing the seven stages of the Erin Ijesha hill or climbing to the top of Idanre Hills. We provide a rest area for those choosing not to take part in certain activities.
If you are of medium fitness, you should be able to take part in all the activities and non needs super human strength or ability!
What equipment do you provide?
Most destinations have shops selling appropriate equipment for full site enjoyment, we do encourage you to come with your swimming wear and very comfortable hiking shoes!
What equipment do you provide for specialist tours?
For our specialist tours, cycling, running and hiking, we provide opportunity to buy equipment ahead of the tour from us. See the specialist page for list of available equipment and accessories.
What type of luggage do you recommend I take? 
A small soft bag for your belongings and a backpack for the site trips.
What is included in the price?
Transport to/from the your takeoff point
Hotel room at the destination
Entry into all sites we visit during the tour
Where do I get information about your offerings?
All our tour destination information is on the website,
We have the following destinations operating now
Each destination has multiple activities and several areas to visit while based there.
What areas are you covering in the near future?
We have tours planned for;
  • Calabar and the Cross River National Park
  • Lome in Togo
  • Grand Popo beach in Benin Republic
  • Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast in Ghana
  • with other destinations planned for the medium term.
What happens if I fall sick or get injured?
We have retainer-ship arrangement with hospitals near our base hotels and around areas we visit during the tour. This hospitals provide first line treatment for our customers
Do I need Travel Insurance?
We encourage you to take out travel insurance and can refer you to providers.
We have cover from AXA-Mansard Insurance for emergencies, clients of Outdoors Tour ltd are covered for
  • Health Issues while on the tour
  • Accident while on the tour
during the tour from pickup, at the destinations and till return to pickup point.
Insurance cover is for emergency care only and provides first line medical attention at various hospitals along our route, destinations and near our base hotels.
Group Bookings, I want to book my group or organisation, how do I do that?
Select group booking and the number of people on the tour.
The minimum number for group bookings is 10, additional number is in steps of 5.
You can input the names of members on the booking page OR choose to book just the contact person and indicate number of people, you will be directed to the payment page where you can pay via card or bank transfer.
Details of your tour party will be requested and confirmed by a customer service personnel before the booking is finalized.
My company is doing an away weekend or event, can we book online?
Yes, we have cater to group events and the group booking with company option handles this.
Select company booking, select the additional resources you may need (Halls, Projectors) and number of people attending the event, enter the contact person and number of people attending the event. You will be given the option of paying via card online or bank transfer. A customer service personnel will request and complete details of attendees and go over your requirements with you before the booking is finalized.
How do I get discounts?
Hmmm, we provide discounts for groups and families. The discount is automatically calculated when you book as a group or family and deducted from your total to pay.
Also, when you book with an AF Code, you will be given a discount based on the code you put in. Do not forget to input the code before you proceed to payment.
How do I become an Affiliate?
Our affiliate program is straight forward, go to our affiliate page at
Register your email and phone contacts
You will be sent a link to activate your affiliate and given a code
Give the code to customers to fill in when booking their tours
You get a commission on each successful booking and are paid the commission
I was given an Affiliate code AFF-CODE to enter during booking, why should I?
You get a discount off the tour price when you enter the affiliate code, this is to reward you for using one of our affiliates
The affiliate also gets a commission when you enter the affiliate code.
Do you have a schedule for your tours?
Yes, we have a schedule which is on the booking page.
When you select a tour destination, the available dates will show up below it
We have a longer term schedule at
Can I pay at your office?
All our payments are direct to bank, either via card payment with Quickteller.
Group bookings have the option of paying via QuickTeller or book on hold and pay via bank transfer.
How do I contact OutdoorsTour?
You can reach us via the contact page via telephone, email, form, and we are active on Social Media at Facebook, twitter and instagram.
Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?
Yes. If there are included or optional activities that you don’t wish to participate in, you can do your own thing instead.
Do I get any free time?
We have blocks of free time every day for your own activities and exploring. Or just chilling!
What are the buses like?
Our buses are all air conditioned with spacious seating.
Drivers are well trained, safety conscious and undergo alcohol testing EVERY morning before the trip starts.
Are the hotels air conditioned?
Yes. All our booked rooms are air conditioned
What type rooms do I get?
Each adult gets a single room with a queen size bed.
Family booking gets a single room with a queen size bed, you can upgrade by adding an extra room, if the number of children exceeds 2, you will be given an extra room.
What type of meals are available
The hotels serve local dishes and a selection of Continental dishes.
Special fare is available if you book ahead.